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There are many modern prophets who have prophesied about The Army of the Lord, in one form or another. Many of their prophecies can be found here: Cutshort>Prophecies. One prophet however deserves special attention, and that is Brother Selvaraj from India, founder of Angel TV. A theme of his is “The Power of the Age to Come,” which is a takeoff of the following verse:

4 For it is impossible for those who were once enlightened, and have tasted of the heavenly gift, and were made partakers of the Holy Ghost,
5 And have tasted the good word of God, and the powers of the world to come,
6 If they shall fall away, to renew them again unto repentance; seeing they crucify to themselves the Son of God afresh, and put him to an open shame. (Hebrews 6:4–6)

A. Changes Have Been Decreed

[The Changes Have Been Decreed by prophet Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj, Part 1, Dec 27, 2015, Youtube: ]

September & October are traditionally the time we wait upon God (Day of Atonement). That’s when God makes things known. It’s as if God is on His throne and makes “decrees.”

On Sept. 22nd, the eve of Yom Kipper, the Lord gave him a word that set the tone for the days to come.

1st – Jesus said: “Changes have been decreed.” In the past He has said, “change will come.” Dan.4:17 (by the decree of the watchers and holy ones…) (07:20) Between good and bad, between righteousness and unrighteousness, church and satan, wheat and tares. These past 2k years they have all been mixed together, but now God has decreed (Rev.22:27 – he that is unjust let him be unjust still…) no more compromise, this is the decree, no more intermixing between the wheat and the tares, no more, a separation has been decreed.

Ex. 32, the people got tired of waiting for Moses and the people pressured Aaron into making a golden calf. Moses came down and separated the people – all who wanted the idol on one side, and those who did not on the other (Ex.32:26-28). This is an excellent picture for our day!

“I will tolerate no more. I will tolerate hypocrisy no more. I will tolerate unrighteousness no more. I will no longer tolerate the unjust. The King has issued a decree, ‘Come out from Babylon.’ Come out, those that bear the vessels of the Lord. Come out of Babylon. Be separate. You must be holy that bear the vessels of the Lord. They must be holy. The lips that speak the Word of the Lord must be holy. Not lies, not murmuring, not gossiping, only truth. “

“(14:30) I see angels over the churches with a sword drawn in their right hands to enforce this decree enacted by the King of Kings. What will these changes be like”

“God drew a line between the Egyptians and the Israelites, between God and Baal, Ex.8:20-24: let my people go, v.23 ‘a division between the people.’ Zech.2:5 – ‘God will be like a wall of fire around His people’.”

“Example: God set a boundary around Goshen [where Israelites lived]. Ex.9:26 rain and fire fell on the Egyptians but did not touch Goshen. That day God put a difference between His people and everyone else.”

“Many people have been feeling they have been stepped on. He will now put a difference between His people and the unrighteous. The days of your tears and mourning are over. The days of being trampled on are over, or falsely accused are over. Of being looked-over are over. He that has mercy on you will have pity on you. He is a God for the fatherless, he will surely do a new thing for you.

“(31:00) What is God going to do? Now you are going to see a separation. He will separate the sheep from the goats. If you read Ezek. 20:37 a shepherd will ‘stretch out his rod’ and scrutinize all the sheep going under the rod, so will I scrutinize My people.”

“Mat.25:32 – he will sit as a judge and separate the people into two groups. John 10 – I know my own sheep and my sheep hold my words and know my voice. They will only hear my voice. Because he is submissive and obedient to me, I know my sheep. I know their voice. Now I am going to separate them apart, sheep from the goats.

“What is the difference between sheep and goats? Sheep are obedient and a follower, wherever the shepherd goes, just follows, looking at the footsteps of the shepherd. The goat does not do that, it goes before the shepherd, up the mountains, etc. It has its own way, own thinking, its own agenda. Thus are certain evil ones in the body of Christ. An evil agenda, those who try to make a monetary gain for themselves.

How to know whether you are right or wrong. Many people claim to be anointed, or moved by the Holy Spirit to expose this or that. So how can we tell the difference? The Lord Jesus Christ gave us one simple answer – by their fruits. What is the motive for your action? What is your motive for exposing? The Bible says, ‘love covers up a multitude of sins.’ The heart must be without malice. Things must not be done for evil motives.

By the fruit of the spirit, by the fruit of your actions; what is the motive? GREED, and the root cause of greed is PRIDE. (46:40)”

“God allowed all of this in His body all this time. Now He is putting a separation. He was extremely patient for unfruitful trees to bear fruit. Lk.13:6-9, Mat.13:24-30, they are ravaging wolves in sheep clothing, they dress nice but inside the nature of their hearts is ravaging wolves, they sow discord. Only the devil sows discord, the Bible says God is not the author of confusion or contention: ‘one Lord, one faith, one God, one love, only one (Eph.4:5-6). Any divisions only come from the devil.”

Here are notes from a sermon dated 2014:

B. Powers of the Age to Come

1. Bodies infused w/power & glory of God
Act 5:12-16 Peter’s “shadow” – aura Greek, power that flows out.
People healed when aura brushed near them.
A shadow is an unreal thing. The shadow did not heal the people.
Aura is like a rainbow, each color represents a gift.
Thickness of each band of color is based on spiritual development.
Transfiguration of Jesus Matt 7:2
Ex 34:29 Moses infused with light and glory of God, light came out of him

2. Supernatural speed – the army will have this ability
1 Kings 18:45-46
Joel 2: 49

3. Carried in the spirit
Act 8:39 – Phillip traveled 25 miles instantly
Elijah before translated 1 Kings 18:11-12 frequently carried in spirit
Gateway Rev 4:1 John saw heaven opened, saw door opened (Greek thura = a portal or entrance)
Luke 4:29-30
John 8:59
The Pharisees wanted to throw Jesus down a cliff….and then another time wanted to stone him.
But Jesus went through a portal to escape. All were stunned that he was there one moment and gone the next.

4. Command and Decree – speak the word
Elijah – no rain
Rev 11:3-13 the 2 witnesses will command – fire from heaven etc.
1 Cor 13:12 I shall be known as I am known: in 2 realms, natural and spiritual.

5. Walking & leading in realm of spirit
1 Cor 13:12 shall be known as known – 2 realms: natural & spiritual
Walking with angels, cloud of witnesses, Jesus…
Rev 1:1 The revelation of Jesus Christ…sent by “angel”. Not an angel but one of the members of the Cloud of Witnesses!!!
Rev 19:10 And I fell at his feet (angel’s)…I am thy fellow servant (brother) and of they brethren that have the testimony of Jesus.
Rev 22:8-9 I John saw these things and fell at feet of angel….do it not, I am thy fellow servant and of thy brethren the prophets.
That “angel” was one of the “cloud of witnesses.”
Angels never say “I am your brother.” Angels are ministers to the heirs of salvation, not a “fellow servant and of thy brethren the prophets.”
This is how we’ll work together in the last days: the former rain joins hands with the latter rain – cloud of witnesses working with us.

Learn these things:
1. walk in humility.
2. walk in fear of God.
3. live a holy life.
4. have a love for God above all else.
5. obedience to the call of God, His voice.
6. will not abuse your authority:
accountability, trustworthy.

(“Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj – The powers of the age to come, 2014,” YouTube,

C. The Seven Horns

Notes from his speech entitled “THE 7 HORNS, POWERS OF THE AGE TO COME IN THE DAYS AHEAD” (Lancaster Aug 2015) are on the Twelve Points>Exploits page.

D. Prepare Yourself For The Powers Of The Age To Come

[PREPARING YOURSELF for the POWERS of the AGE to COME {seg.1 of 2} —Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj (Aug. 2015),]

“Preparing yourself for the last days anointing, the exceedingly great power of God, to be poured out upon the face of this earth, so great, eyes have not seen, nor ears heard, neither has it entered into the mind of man how awesome greatness of the power of God has been kept hidden from eons of time, which the angels of God have not seen yet, such a move of the Holy Spirit.”

“First night shared an intro, yesterday what are the powers, today how to receive them.”

“God came down on Sinai, first time God manifeste His glory, and first time the triune God: thunder & lightning is God, smoke is Holy Spirit, and trumpet is Jesus.” (1:18:00)

“In Daniel 11:32, Daniel tells us that in the last days the people will do GREAT EXPLOITS, GREAT EXPLOITS. How do you define that? We cannot define that. Because such an exploit has never been seen before. There’s no precedents in history, not in Biblical history, not church history. You’ll never find any records of any great things that will be done in the last days for a sample; in the Old Testament, New Testament, or church history. No, there will be no precedents.”

“But look at that scripture very carefully, it says ‘And they that know God will do great exploits.’ So before you can do great exploits for God, you must be a people that know God. Not just know about God, but have an intimate, experiential relationship with God. Not just a superficial knowledge. Not just a Sunday attendant Christian, or once a year conference attendee. Not all that. All that will just be like the Five Foolish Virgins.

The foolish virgins were also:

1. Prepared to meet the bridegroom.
2. They were also dressed.
3. They also had the lamb.

Similar to the wise virgins. But there was only one minor difference; everything else was the same. There was only one minor difference. The foolish virgins took their salvation for granted, took the coming of the bridegroom for granted. They were not PREPARED for tribulation. They were not prepared for the End Times. They were not prepared if the bridegroom delayed his coming.


They took their salvation for granted. They took their security for granted. They took their walk with God for granted. They took their relationship with God for granted. They did not have a knowledge of the bridegroom, or the knowledge of the master. They did not know the master’s heartbeat. They did not know what is the burden of the Lord; they did not know. Just everyday good Christians who come and go, that’s all. Not beyond that.”

“We are at the starting block of the last lap. You must know the strengths of your competitors and mark out how you are going to run. You should know the rules of the game, you should know the way to run; you must come prepared. If you come unprepared then you will fizzle out like what happened to the Foolish Virgins. All their lamps fizzled out because they had no oil.”

“The people that do know their God shall do exploits. So before we can do any great exploits, you must be a people that walk with God. You must come into that relationship. You must be a seeker after God. Position yourself in a rightful place to receive. Don’t ask for this gift or that gift, quite all that. I show you a better way…” (1:23:51)

[PREPARING YOURSELF for the POWERS of the AGE to COME {seg.2 of 2} —Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj (Aug. 2015),]

1. Be a seeker after God. Seek God with all your heart. Seek to know His ways. Seek to know His mind. Seek to know His burden. Seek to know what is heavy on His heart for your community, for your city, for your church, for your town, for your nation. Ask Him, ‘Lord I want to know it.’

2. Moses, from the seventh day to the fortieth day he beheld the glory day and night. Twenty-four hours continuously God talked to him. That is why the Bible says there was no one like Moses, who knew God face-to-face. Two times he was forty-days and forty-nights in heaven continuously. No one had that kind of a privilege, but it is possible for you to have that privilege (11:40).

Acts 1:14 – 120 Believers prayed for 10 days, day and night.

(12:50) “I admire Elijah so much, to call down fire. 1 Kings 17:1, 18:15, he declares that ‘I stand in the presence of God.’ For him to declar that, he was a seeker after God, spending his time always in prayer, waiting on God, meditating on the Word of God, standing in the presence of God. Before he could do great exploits for God, he was a seeker after God. His whole heart’s passion was after God, nothing else. If we can cut away all these things that pull us down.

Concerning Elijah, there is no record concerning his father, his mother, neither anything about his family background. You know what this shows? There was nothing pulling him down. There were no weights pulling him down.”

“You are in this world but not of this world. The Lord Jesus when He was on this earth He had a mother, and a father, and natural born brothers and sisters, i.e. a family. But when He left the home to do the ministry, even when His mother came to see Him, He couldn’t be bothered to pay any attention to His mother.”

“Secondly, pray for this promise to come to past in your life: Zech.2:1 – It counsels us to pray for the Later Rain. Pray that the Lord will pour forth the Later Rain at the proper time. Pray earnestly. “

“(16:35) Hosea 6:3 says ‘I will come to you, as the former rain and as the later rain.’ So you pray ‘Lord, You promised that You would come to us as the former rain and as the later rain, so where is Your coming?’ You pray earnestly, cry earnestly: ‘We want you Lord, we want you Lord, we love You’.”

“Moses said, ‘We don’t want an angel, we want You’.” An angel, as glorious as he is, is but a servant of the Lord. He’s not the Lord, he’s a servant, so why are you so hot after His servant when the Master Himself is available?

Remember the story about the king and the woman, if you grab the king, all the servants, all the friends of the king will come together to your house. Amen? All the king’s men, all the king’s servants, all the king’s friends, they also come to you. The Lord has many friends: the sons of God in heaven, the living creatures, they all come to your house, because you become one favorite of the king. Once you become one favorite of the king, the whole of heaven will welcome you with open arms. So your desire and pursuit should be the Lord Himself, rather than the gifts. Amen.”

3. You must be a follower of the Lamb of God. Rev.14:1-5: 144k, 26 times as ‘lamb’ 1 as ‘lion.’ Before you can have the power of a lion, you first must have the nature of a lamb (20:14). What is the nature of a lamb. It is obedient, sacrificial, loyal, submissive, without guile, pure, and faultless. You must develope this within you to be a follower of the Lamb. You must have that nature of a lamb so that when the lion comes, the lamb’s nature will not misuse the power, the glory, and the authority that comes with the lion.”

“Do you have the nature of Christ or the rotten nature of Lucifer, the works of the flesh. Gal.5:17-19 – it details 17 kinds of the works of the flesh. Test your heart against tha scripture. When you stand before God, you must be a sweet incense before God, instead of stinking ‘flesh.’

4. Meekness. Num.12:3 – Moses was a very meekful man, so was Elijah. (James 5:17, 1Ki.4:10) This is the nature you want to adopt. The Lord brought him the Rod of Moses, 6ft high and put it in the corner of his room. (24:55) That rod will be given to this generation, this Last Days generation. Ex.4:20, it was first the rod of Moses, but after it was laid down, it became the rod of God. Ex.3:2-5 It was laid down in His presence, that is when it was transformed.

“It’s not ‘dedication,’ it’s ‘consecration’.” When you consecrate something, you are denying yourself of everything. It is no longer ‘I’ that liveth. (Gal.4:13)

(30:10) “When God entrusts you with this power, you will not merchandise the anointing. But if you are not consecrated, you’ll begin to merchandise the anointing like what the previous generation has done, the corrupted generation, my generation. We have corrupted the anointing, we have merchandised the anointing, but you must not do that mistake – what the previous generations have done. To prevent yourself from making that mistake, you are totally dead to yourself.”

“At the end of the day I am only answerable to one man – Jesus Christ (36:10).”

Ex.7:9-12 serpent, two sides, one to destroy, one to live (brass serpent)

5. Before Israel can see God, they must consecrate themselves first (Ex.17:14-19). a. sanctify a fast, b. wash their clothes, c. no sex – before the glory of God came down. Before we can receive that we must totally consecreate ourselves.

“Right side of Father, not outer suburbs, i.e. Holy of Holies -v- the Outer Court! cannot see the shekinah glory within the veil. (44:00) greater emphases in these last days to a life of purity, a life of holiness, because you are now going to stand in the holy of holies. you are going to behold the glory of Father God Himself. Cheribums and heavenly beings are going to come work with you. Fulness of the resurrection power of God will be made known. God will speak to you directly, and manna; all will be released in these last days.”

“(46:00) the glory that is going to come is of the purest kind that abides in Father God. So if it is going to come within you, then you will need that kind of consecration.”

“(47:05) ‘Remove shoes’ means you are no longer going to have a shepherd’s life.

6. “Walk in love. Eph.5:2, 1Jn.4:16-17 – God dwells in love. If you want to dwell in God you must dwell in love.” “The key to walking in the realm of incredible power is love. (50:15)” You have no envy. ‘How can I help you?’ attitude. That will become that DIVINE LOVE. So in this Last Days glory that God is going to pour out, that is another condition – that you walk in love, and you look at each other in love, and treat each other in love, uplift each other in love. It doesn’t matter who does the job, what matters more is the end result and the Father receives the glory. Only a heart that dwells in that love will think like that. You will help push someone up.

7. I was very hesitant to share. (54:30) Heb.11:40 – God having provided some better thing for us, that THEY without us should not be made perfect. Who are “they?” Able, Enoch, etc. Without us they should not be made perfect. Means somethig was lacking, and without us the later rain company, the former rain company is not perfect. In these last days, the saints of old and mighty angels in heaven are waiting to work together with us. Why? There are many things that this Last Days Remnant will do and these saints that have walked before will assist. Enoch has been in heaven for 5k years, he shares his knoweldge with you.

(57:25) Elijah visited him. The spirit of Jezebel he taught him about and said ‘Where I failed you should not fail.’ This last generation should not fail where I failed. Instead of not cutting her neck, he ran away from her – that’s where he failed. He comes along to work with us to fix what he missed. He will come and walk hand-in-hand with you because he knows how to do it. “

(1:00:20) Ester walked in and turned on the TV, she was so regally dressed. We will have these kind of experiences.

(1:01:15) This will no more be the ‘coachroach’ kind of spirits. When God is going to anoint you with the Seven Spirits, spirits equal to that calibre will now come to comfront you, will now come. You have to deal with those spirits. How will you deal with those spirits? Those spirits who have gone home in glory will come and you will work together. Just like Elijah tutored him. When I was taught for several days about Jezebel, he said I am teaching you this so you can train the Last Days Army of God. The wiles of Jezebel, how her memory works, her ways. You must have a knowledge of these armies that are in heaven, to work together with them.

(1:05:00) Joel – He came and told him that he must teach the people this truth – the company of saints, the cloud of witnesses. He told him that all of his life he had been prepared for this. (nov.83, deeper relationship, walk with saints, etc – very ancient looking saint and said should we study the book of rev. turn to chapter one – John explained the whole book). From that day to every other day a saint comes to teach me.

Joel said – ‘You have been prepared, trained to teach people in these last days.’ Critics say you have been talking to the dead. (1:10:00)

(1:13:00) Those who rose from the dead at the time of Jesus were left behind for such a time as this [?]. To work together with the Last Days Generation. The Lord had him write a book about the Marishi… who is reportedly 400 years old. The time has come for the ‘hidden ones’ to come out. The people of this time must know that such a people exists so when they come to work with you, you will know these are the Company of the Saints. They are not demons they are saints of God who have come to work with you. 2Chr.21:12 – It says a letter came from Elijah to rebuke a king. This is very strange because after the home going of Elijah. If he’s already taken up to heaven, how can he receive a letter from Elijah? It’s not a post-dated letter. He came to deliver the letter. See it’s all over the scriptures. It’s just that we don’t see, or don’t want to see and we end up criticizing that we are talking to the dead. The Lord Jesus Christ also talked to the dead. Mrk.9:4, Lk.9:30-31 – Moses and Elijah talked with Jesus! God is the god of the living. Mal.4:5 – in the last days I will send Elijah. So there is a company that will come in these last days, not only the Company of Saints, but also the heavenly armies. There are a lot of armies in heaven.

(1:17:29) There are angelic beings that will enter into us and we are transformed.

(1:18:20) Huge eagles wings will be given to the Last Days Army of God, so they can do mighty exploits of God. Our eyes have not seen, our ears have not heard what great things are in store for these last days…all things are possible to him that believes.

(1:22:10) The counterfeit will also increase. Not only physical signs and wonders but of the prophetic kind: false visions, false experiences, that will also be prevalent. Only the consecrated ones, those that are set apart, they will experience the true. Theirs will stand the test of time like Moses rod swallowed the other snakes. The counterfeit will appear so real as it was with Moses and the magicians, it will be hard to distinguish, only he who is pure in heart, he who is consecrated, he who has his life exchanged by God – theirs will stand the test of time. As Elijah confronted the false prophets, so will you have to contend with the false ones.

(1:26:10) A great outpouring is going to come upon this church very, very soon.

Prayer to cancel debts: “There is someone right now who’s praying I’m willing to come out into full-time ministry but I have many debts. Lord, hear their prayer and let that yoke of debt be broken over their lives right now, right now. I command this yoke be broken, and I command these captives be set free in the name of the Lord Jesus, thank you Holy Father.

(1:41:15) Holy Father, Your Word says that You think of us all of the time, You are thinking about our problems.

(1:43:35) Raise your hands and give thanks to God [not ‘speak in unknown tongues’].


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