Q. What is the sequence of events?
A. This is the sequence of events based on Joel 2 & other prophecies:

  • Earthquake
  • Darkness [Believers are protected like the children of Israel]
  • Gloom
  • Sign of Jesus’ Coming
  • Poured out glory

God is all powerful and can change the sequence of events, or add to them.

Q. When will The Lord’s Army begin?
A. When Our Lord wants them to go forth.

According to what Our Lord showed Percy Collett, when the glory comes to earth it will be channeled by the archangels to particular people and places first; no doubt The Army of the Lord first. And according to what Our Lord showed Mary K. Baxter, evil must be pushed back by the coordinated attack by humans and angels. Right now, humans do not have enough strength due to a lack of faith and lack of unity.

By the “exploits” performed by The Army of the Lord, faith will grow, and by their leadership, Believers unified. Then, as one body and one mind, they will quote The Holy Word of God which will empower the warring angels to engage with sufficient power to push back the darkness once and for all. [see A Divine Revelation of Hell by Baxter for those specifics.]

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